Biemmegi S.p.A.

via Don Luigi Sturzo, 24/C
20045 Lainate (MI)
Phone: (+39) 02 93 79 63 10

Our strengths: innovation technology, expertise and problem solving

Following the project review, drawings turn into CNC programs, EDM and mechanical machining. Our technicians prepare and schedule the jobs for traditional machine tools, the high speed milling machines, the die sinking spark erosion machines and the wire spark erosion machines. These processes are managed in an air conditioned, tidy and comfortable work environment.

Moreover Biemmegi has internally developed a software for the control, the progress and the tracking of individual machining steps. CNC and EDM programming can be optimized and filled at night or during the weekend.

 The preparation of all parts for the assembling operation of the moulds requires that our staff disposes of a high level of expertise. The moulds are carefully checked before being transferred to the production site. Here dedicated resources, assisted by the manager of the workshop and by the Quality Assurance, are in charge of executing the trial of the tool to produce first samples.

On client request, Biemmegi can provide measurement reports and capability. According to the outcome of the control reports, the manager of the technical office, the Quality Assurance and the manager of the workshop, together with the client, plan all the “fine-tuning” activities, in order to get the qualification of the mould on time.

The workshop also provides timely assistance to our clients as well as to our production site for all the interventions of extraordinary maintenance, ensuring the production continuity of the equipment we have developed over the years.



  • no.1 Charmilles Robofil 310 (wire spark erosion)
  • no.1 Charmilles Robofil 290p (wire spark erosion)
  • no.2 Charmilles Robofil 240 (wire spark erosion)
  • no.2 Charmilles CUT200ms (wire spark erosion)
  • no.2 Charmilles Roboform 350 micro (die sinking spark erosion with 155 electrode holders 38 pallet)
  • no.1 Ingersoll EDM 80p (die sinking spark erosion)
  • no.1 Chmer 50ez EDM (die sinking spark erosion)
  • no.1 EDM Ocean (electrode drilling)
  • no.1 Mikron HSM400 – iTNC 530 (milling C.N.C. 40.000 rpm with 7 pallet changer, 36 tools, automatic contour follower, zero-set tool laser)
  • no.1 Mikron HSM600HD – iTNC 530 (milling C.N.C. 20.000 rpm with 7 pallet changer, 60 tools, automatic contour follower, zero-set tool laser)
  • no.1 Metba MB-0 (manually controlled milling)
  • no.1 C.B. Ferrari P5 (manually controlled milling)
  • no.1 Rosa (manually controlled milling)
  • no.1 Cometa Mini 800 (cylindrical grinding)
  • no.1 Jones Shipman 540 (horizontal spindle grinding)
  • no.1 Jones Shipman (horizontal spindle grinding)
  • no.1 Faustino Pittori SGS1632AMD (horizontal spindle grinding)
  • no.1 Faustino Pittori R915C (pillar type drilling)
  • no.1 Colchester Triumph 2000 (turning)
  • no.1 Harrison Alpha 400 s (turning C.N.C.)
  • La micromeccanica T.P. 110 (turning)